Mosquitoes – Cont.3

Mosquitoes – How They Affect Humans(Cont.)

Preventative measures

 As a preventative measure take the following steps inconsideration.

Inspect your home and yard for waterholes, containers which may hold water. The fact that there is no water in any of these containers, does not mean that you are safe. small

There may be eggs of mosquitoes in the container, waiting to get hatched, with any rain shower or flood, which fills up the container.

Check the drain system of gutters and pipes coming off your roof. 

Inspect water containers in and around the house. If the water cannot be removed, use approved low toxic larvacides.  Or consider adding some etheric oil, like citronella or from the peel of citrus fruit, to cover the entire surface of the water

 In ponds and fountains consider holding some fishes, There are mosquito eating fishes available in some specialty stores, Gambusia affinis

 Keep the yard clean from weed. Empty drinking containers of pets and birds daily. Inspect the yard and drains after a rain shower. Remember the adult mosquito lays eggs every third day. All favorable conditions in place there is a new generation of mosquitoes in some eight days and there are many adults covering the blank spots.

If all your preventive measures are in place, think about a plan to get rid of the survivors. Here you will need the help of your neighbors. Educate them, from what you know. Why involve the neighbors? Think about new influx from their yards to yours.

Make one or more simple mosquito traps. Sophisticated traps can be bought, but try some simple self made ones first. Mosquitoes love to creep in your ear and nose, because the body exhales the most carbon dioxide at these spots. A fact is, that mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Use this principle to lure them into a deadly trap.

At the left you see how the upper part is inverted in the lower part of the bottle

At the right the trap is finished, except for the liquid, and covered with black plastic


Step one. Select a cylindrical plastic soda bottle of some two liters or half a gallon.
tep two. Cut the upper part one inch under the tapered neck and invert this part into the bottom part, like a funnel.
Step three. Seal the junction, with wide plastic tape. Wrap black plastic from a bag around the bottom part to lower the light level in the container. Tape the plastic in place.
Step four. Now mix in a measure cup, some 300 ml of luke warm water with two heaped table spoons of brown sugar. When well mixed, pour the sugary water in the bottom part of the bottle, through the funnel, but avoid the sugary water to stick to the funnel wall, using sealed aluminum foil, folded as a funnel. Moisten the inner wall of bottom container with sugar water and wait until it is completely cooled off.
Step five. Add two grams of household yeast, which, together with the sugar, will produce carbon dioxide.
Your trap is ready to invite the mosquitoes in. Make sure to put your trap in a darker and less trafficked corner of the house.
 Do not spray insecticides near the trap, as this may mask the odors and keep the mosquitoes from entering the trap.

Inspect the trap every two weeks and refresh the content if necessary.
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