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Some Thoughts About Management Of Organic Waste 4


Some thoughts about the Management of Organic Waste – Liquid and Solid.



March 2014

The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is out

Global mean surface air temperatures over land and oceans have increased over the last 100 years
The temperature of the oceans keep rising.
The uptake of CO2 is having a significant effect on the chemistry of seawater,
Observation of CO2 concentration, globally averaged temperature and sea level rise are generally well within the range of the extent of earlier IPCC projections.
Climate change, weather driven by natural or human forcing, can lead to changes in the likelihood of occurrence or strength of extreme weather and climate events or both. The observation compared with previous reporting has increased substantially.
Melting of permafrost areas continues to a point of no return.

May 11, 2014

NASA report that glaciers on the Western part of Antarctic are meeting beyond return and that the levels of the Oceans will raise beyond levels first projected for the end of the century.

September 2014

Authorities report that the OZONE hole in the atmosphere, is closing, as measurements to avoid emissions of refrigerants is working.
On the other hand arctic ice around both poles is diminishing.

June 2015

Recently even the Pope came out with his Encyclical, urging people to take Climate Change seriously and act to mitigate the results of the change in climate.
We could see many examples of severe weather patterns around the globe, such as droughts in California. Very high temperatures in India and Pakistan, resulting in at least 1000 deaths in each of these countries.
It is clear that we have no time to lose and need to act. Talk at least to your Government to do something about their Organic Waste, to at least keep some Greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and generate electricity with BIOGAS, which is 50% cleaner than fossil fuels

Join the “Keep It in The Ground” campaign aimed to urge large funds to divest their investments in fossil fuels. There ARE alternatives

August 2015

James Hansen, the director of climate science at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.
“Global warming isn’t a prediction,” he said. “It is happening.”

December 2015

Carbon Trust reaction to agreement at COP21 in Paris

The agreement coming out of Paris contains a clear statement of international ambition which will give businesses, investors and cities the certainty they need to accelerate their efforts to tackle climate change and build a sustainable future.


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