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Electrical Energy Saving

With a small investment under a $100.00

Now we will write about option 2, Electrical Energy Saving with a small investment, usually no more than $100.00.

  • In places like bathrooms and rooms occupied normally by one person and very prolonged lapses without  any body in the room, a simple sensor can be installed, say some three minutes after the occupant leaves, will switch off and  switch on instantaneously if some body enters.
  • Replace the door seal of the refrigerator, if it doesn’t with stand the test as explained in Electrical Energy Saving option one.
  • Replace CRT screens and old type TV’s with flat screens. Replace old laundry machines, fridges etc. with more efficient models. Frequently the energy company will  provide soft loans to help with these replacements. Ask if this is the case in your area.
  • Paint walls opposite windows in a lighter color, to reflect more light deeper in the room.
  • Install 50 cm wide reflective panels 50 cm below the top and across the windows to reflect more daylight in the rooms. Check out what the right angle should be according to the path of the sun, specific for your location.
  • Buy and use covered ice trays in the freezer. For the same reason, do not leave uncovered liquids in freezer or fridge as this will use more energy to get rid of the moisture.
  • Use a simple weekly timer  to switch off the fridge/freezer during the night hours after the last person retires up to an hour before the first person wakes up. In the few hours lots of energy is saved and the fridge/freezer stays cool as nobody opens the doors.
  • Install windows with double glass and adequate sealing to avoid loss of cold, c.q. warm air. Seal all doors. Use small ventilators to keep the air inside ventilated and spread evenly.
  • If you live in a dry and/or windy place, consider doing away your drier or build a simple solar drying cabinet with plastic sheeting or the more sophisticated panel seen in the following YOU TUBE film,
  • Keep heat-producing appliances such as lamps and televisions away from the thermostat of the central air conditioner.
  • Shade the outside component of window air-conditioning if it is in full sunlight
  • Set the thermostat on the highest setting to still feeling comfortable,, even if you have to wear an extra vest.
  • Replace filters of the air conditioner, according to the maintenance guide..
  • Use a timer to switch off equipment with standby mode when not in use. Depending on the total number of this type of appliances, you might save up to 14 % on energy. Determine switch off times according to normal use.
  • Air dry dishes instead of using the dishwasher’s dryer cycle, placing them in a draft between two windows
  • KillAWatt multimeter Purchase a small plug-in meter with true rms, for less than $40.00 to measure the consumption of your major appliances at various operating conditions, e.g. the washing machine with various loads. If you cannot measure, you cannot control and if you cannot control you can not improve.
  • Purchase a Receptacle Tester for few dollars, to detect faulty wiring. A leak to ground may cost you dearly. Never ever connect the ground to a waterline as this may in the worst case cause an electrocution.


These were some of the most important ways to Electrical Energy Saving with a small investment upfront. In the next topic I will write about how to save big with a major investment.

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WARNING!!! See the Warning in Option1

  1. Electrical Energy Saving without spending a dime.
  2. Electrical Energy Saving with small investments, under a 100 dollar.
  3. Electrical Energy Saving, with an investment upfront.

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